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Florida Keys Fishing Trip Questions

Many of you are curious about the fishing here in Key West, others want to know what to bring to their fishing trip, and some are curious about deposits and cancellations. Below you will find many of our frequently asked questions. Feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions at (305) 923-3153

  • What do I need to bring?
    You need to bring whatever you are going to eat and drink. Remember we will be fishing for approximately 8 hours so you won't need an excessive amount of food. There is a cooler on the boat. If you want to bring a small cooler make sure it is a small soft type. You will need polarized sunglasses preferably in an amber shade. This is imperative to sight fishing. Sunscreen and protective clothing are important. The sun can be extreme in this type of fishing.

  • What equipment do you supply?
    We will communicate before fishing and I will supply whatever tackle is necessary. I utilize the best equipment available for both fly and spin fishing. If you wish to bring your own equipment please have it rigged and ready to fish.

  • What about bad weather?
    I obviously cannot control the weather (oh but if I could!) but I will make the call if it is too windy or stormy to fish. Not all days are perfect weather but there are more fish caught on days that are not flat calm than there are on those that are.

  • What is your deposit and refund policy?
    There is a $100 dollar per day deposit required to hold dates for fishing. If you cancel your trip prior to one month from your scheduled day(s) a full refund will be sent to you. If I call the trip for weather you will receive a full refund.

  • What kind and how many fish wish will we catch?
    That often depends on you. Sight fishing requires that you be able to cast a bait or fly very quickly and accurately. Practicing your casting abilities greatly increases your chances of being successful at sight fishing.

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